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Continuous Support for Completed Apps.

From a simple design to a mockup, we help you to model and conceptualize your product.

  • We work with you to create the first drafts to support you in finding ideas.

  • By creating wireframes, we can try out user guidance at an early stage and structure your content.

  • Mockups allow users to provide feedback on the design and usability of the product without losing valuable time developing functions.

Only with a well thought-out operating concept will your product become a holistic experience (user experience) for your customers. We use the following procedures to do this:

  • Analysis of the needs and the usage environment of your customers to develop intuitive operating concepts.

  • Evaluation of feedback from potential users to improve usability in real operation.

  • Iterative development of visual prototypes to quickly gain knowledge.

According to your target group and your users, we develop an instinctively operable as well as functionally and optically well thought out design. This is the only way to optimize your user experience and your conversion rate in the best possible way. Modern, visually appealing, intuitive and user-friendly design can not only promote your branding but also serve as the basis for future extensions of your design.

We develop native and hybrid Apps for the iOS (Apple) and Android platforms. We offer the right solution for the implementation of a simple application up to more complex features.

We develop the Web-Apps you need. From the design of a simple website (e.g. WordPress page) to a complex project based on various stacks, we are the right partner.

We offer the Backend for your application. These include in particular the following services:

  • Modeling and maintenance of a database for storing your data.

  • Implementation of APIs to support your application.

  • Setup and maintenance of scalable and secured servers. Because your product must be able to withstand the constantly growing number of users and attacks by hackers.

The publication of the App or website is not the end of the product.

  • Support of adjustments to new iOS or Android versions.

  • Implement additional features or fix bugs.

  • Continuous maintenance of Backends, e.g. Security updates or compensation for increasing user numbers.

You found us. We know how people will find you even better.

  • Derivation of useful search terms for your product.

  • Preparation of content in the App Store or on your website.

  • Targeted optimization of the website or the entry in the App store / play store.

We make sure that your product is future-proof.

  • Development of test frameworks for your product in order to ensure the quality of the product also in the future.

  • Development of deployment strategies and infrastructures to bring future versions of the App to users without any problems.


We work with software frameworks for maximum time and cost efficiency in App development.

Plans are nothing.
Planning is everything.

Planning and organization for App development made easy.

If you want to develop the concept of your idea in an application-oriented manner and try it out early, we offer the ideal solution: with agile software development, you have the option of continuously integrating your feedback into the development. We will enable the new systems to be deployed more quickly and thus achieve business value even during earlier project phases. We ensure a high degree of transparency and flexibility during the course of the project.

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We combine in-depth knowledge in the field of software development with a high degree of commitment to the customer. Our vision is to offer technologies that make everyday life a little easier for everyone. We offer everyday smart products made from innovative technologies, with the interests of our customers always at the center.

Marco Bellof

Marco Bellof

Success is that you have exactly the skills that are in demand at the moment.

Florian Schulz

Florian Schulz

People don’t buy the best products or services, they buy those where the benefits are easy to understand.


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